I'm Katie Rae!

I'm a mama-bear, writer, vulnerability specialist, speaker, latte-lovin', fierce lover.

I live to be fully seen, yet fully loved.


I have this crazy sense that if you are just like me, you need some major… dare I say, help.


I'm here, willing to be vulnerable right alongside you. Why,  you ask? Because chances are you landed on this page in hopes for something more out of life or at least a wee bit of inspiration.  

Or,  you just randomly stumbled upon this and in that case, I won't be offended if you u-turn, STAT! 

I've had trauma and pain and I've allowed suffering to take me out. eventually, I got too tired of being tired, and I fiercely pursued a better understanding of myself.

As flawed as you may feel, I want you to feel seen, loved, hopeful, and well... just "normal".  

are you a victim?
OR a viking?


big hug, k

It's been 12 years since I was shot in the face.... 




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