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Craving our gifts

Writing often gets me all fired up.

For someone diagnosed with constant wiggles, you’d think sitting still with a computer would be near torture, right?

Sometimes, it is. Which is when I stand up and start 13 other projects that I’ll never finish. Or impulsively start one and ignore the 4-page coffee-stained crumpled to-do list with nothing crossed off.

Other times, I get higher than a kite from writing.

Writing is frequently my drug of choice.

It is just the way I operate.

And I love it.

In fact, I ….. get ready for it….




You see, I crave the vulnerability. There is something really frighteningly lovely about typing alone HERE and not really knowing who what where or when YOU read this. It’s a balance of don’t-give-a-shit and I’m-terrified to actually let people in.

…actually, NO. Scratch that.

I fight the fears of letting myself…out.

Ding Ding Ding Ding!

Here’s my scattered thinking. People spend lifetimes not knowing themselves. That’s because they chose not to take the time to really dig within. They operate and live just above the surface because they think it’s safe. We’ve all been there.

Are you STILL there?

Learn about yourself, your personality, your genetics, your body. Nourish your mind with rich thoughts of appreciation for who you ARE. Break the barriers of your own self-created negative thoughts….at last you will truly feel safe. And secure. And radiant. The world will be touched by your gifts.

How will you know when that happens, you ask?

Because you’ll inspire…yourself.

You’ll applaud your own progress.

You. Will. Crave. Your. Gifts.

You will continually thirst for your purpose.

You will hunger like a roaring lion to live just beyond your fears.

And, you will FOREVER become a warrior fighting for your own peace.

You will be safe with just YOU.

You’ll see the sunrise and blossom with opportunity.

You’ll see the world in vibrant colors and hear in lyrics.

You. Will. Love. All.

Yes, ALL.

THAT is when you know.

Call me crazy. Do it.

Try it, and you’ll be calling with tears of gratitude while basking in your freedom.

Know how I know?

…because I’ve lived in that same surface level dark world. I lied to myself thinking it was safe up there! I found comfort emptiness in relying on others to make me happy. I refused permission of space in my own brain…subconsciously. I feared. I blamed. I talked so poorly to myself. I found myself addicted to envy, starving for attention, and unable to say no. I spent so much time not knowing I didn’t know myself. I settled for less from MYSELF….spinning in a world of insecurity, sadness, and anger.

The crazy part is that I was convinced I was actually happy. Until you can’t pretend and hide from YOURSELF anymore…you will do the same.

Ever been there?

Are you there now?

I too, received the same wisdom just by watching how others found peace. My soul was thirsty for peace…and I attracted it.

Much like YOU are, right now.

Suffering is a beautiful contrast.

Strip bare enough to learn YOU, the rest will fall into place.





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