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Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Multiple times this week I've been faced with making have, too. I've had several conversations with people just this week about emotional struggles and decisions of how we feel.

The biggest lesson I've learned this week is that we are POWERFUL creatures. With that power, comes the want for control. A better word might be the need for control.

If we don't control our emotions, thoughts, and fears with HONESTY than we begin to spin out of control. And get sick. And confused. Ourselves, and only ourselves, allow the pattern to continue only leading to a continual loss of power and giving in to struggle and pain.

What a sucky feeling, right?

How good does it feel when you realize you FINALLY have control over the emotional battle you've been fighting?

Never had that? Time to shed those layers that are holding you back.

Are you spinning right now? Or are you in control?

You know what is CRAZY? All it comes down to, is a choice. A choice to walk into a situation and NOT let it have power over your entire day...or days, or weeks, or months, or years. It's literally THAT easy. Try it. I double-dog-dare you!

We have full control over how we present ourselves and the way we want to FEEL given any situation. God is continually refining us through the fire. All of us. All the time. It's this beautiful relationship between God, ourselves, and the world that surrounds us.


When we surrender to growing and commit to believing we ARE powerful...what can stop us? I truly feel God is watching us and celebrating the BELIEF in ourselves. He's the best coach! He is in us...and wants the same abundance we want. He's not going to make the choices for us...he gives us the gift of CHOICE.


I encourage you to stare at the one emotional struggle you are facing. Whether it is relationships, job, loss of purpose, depression, fear, confusion, self-destruction, addiction, or scarcity. Say this.

I will act in a way that is honest and loving. I will show up being authentic and vulnerable and raw. I will not allow this discomfort to shake me ANYMORE. I am growing and learning. I thank God for giving me the resources, mind, body, and spirit to CHOOSE how I feel. I am powerful over my emotions and THAT is a gift. I will look at my struggle and CHOOSE to not let it hold weight any longer. Right now, I CHOOSE to be powerful and REFUSE to allow my struggles to suffocate me. I am strong. I am powerful. I am grateful. I am worthy. I AM ENOUGH!

Sounds hokey...but I'm all about tangible and MOST people don't even know where to begin or what to say. Do what works for you! Write it, dance it, chant it, breathe it, read it. I don't care what you do...just DO something.

Ever see people that are just BEAMING with joy? Joy that you are jealous of? Just this morning I was told it is a CHOSEN JOY. If we don't have that joy right now, it's because WE are choosing not to.

AMEN, right?

What are you choosing for yourself TODAY? a choice. a choice. a choice.

Peace and a choice. a choice. a choice. a choice.

I'm thrilled you chose to walk through this with me, today. I'm choosing joy. And I'm choosing it over and over and over and over again.

And God...thank you thank you thank you for this life.







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